Computer skills and literacy tuition

Basic Skills

Online services have become an integral part of our life but maybe you feel this has passed you by.

You may request tuition for one or more topics related to your interests. You decide which areas to concentrate on. This may be an area mentioned or something specific to you. 

I can help you to become comfortable with the large variety of online services.

The list of services is endless and safe knowledge has the potential to greatly improve your life.

This is especially true during the lockdowns we have been through recently.

Use one of the many available apps to video conference with friends and family. No matter where they are in the world

Computer skills and literacy tuition are easy for younger generations. I started to work with technology later in life so perhaps I have a better understanding of a pace that allows others to relax

  • Internet safety is paramount given the number of scammers out there. Are you confident you are safe?
  • Do you know how to use search engines to find the information you need?
  • Do you feel you are not getting enough out of Microsoft Word or Excel?
  • Do you know how to send emails using free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook



Shop Online

Grocery shopping and delivery with food supermarkets

Can’t buy essentials that are not food. Use Amazon, eBay, Argos etc

Book flights directly with airlines. Organise hotel rooms and car hire

Download books to your devices. Ideal for holiday reading

Use Social Media

Creating and using accounts on the many social media apps currently available

Accessing these accounts using a variety of devices, laptops, smartphones and tablets

Uploading of photos and videos to these accounts

How to use social media for your small business

Use zoom, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp to conference by video with your family or friends

Join online classes to exercise in your own home or join the Open University

Use online dating services

Manage your finances

Online banking will allow you to check your balance and transactions.

Pay bills safely, quickly and easily.

Deal with the HMRC for submitting and paying your personal taxes

Use browsers to look at property for sale or rent

Create a PayPal account to receive payments for your small business 

Web building & Management

Do you have …

..a small business or a rental property you wish to promote?

Do you understand the difference between a blog and a website?

You may be confident with your skills for everyday tasks but not confident enough to build your own website. There are many design websites which make this relatively easy these days. Still, it can be daunting getting started

I can help you to…

..create a simple website to promote your business or rental property. This will enable you to add the web address to your Facebook page, send it to relevant groups on WhatsApp etc

Create a blog to drive traffic to your website and help place it higher in search engine results than other websites


Office and admin skills


Do you need help with…

..Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet application for Beginners and Advanced users.

Microsoft Word

Word processing for Beginners and Advanced Users.

Do you need help preparing your accounts…

Create spreadsheets with formulas to keep on top of your small business finances

Use word to create template letters for customers



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Client Testimonials

Angela Tizard-Varcoe

I am now of a certain age, have used computers on and off for many years, however, I am not computer comfortable, and I know I do most computer work in an ‘idiot-proof fashion’, meaning the minute something goes wrong or a screen appears I am not familiar with – I “slightly” panic, and am unable to see past the perceived problem. Pauline has helped me become more comfortable with my computer and how I relate to it, the result being I am getting so much more from using my computer. Still a way to go but thank you Pauline for helping and continuing to help me – so worthwhile, why hadn’t I found you before.

joyce o.


Dear Pauline,
Just seen your email.Thanks very much. Test successful! Not in junk but in Mailbox. Excellent.Thanks for the excellent teaching.
Best wishes,

Beth Batty

of RDG

Pauline has helped me a number of times, whether it’s to help myself or to help a friend, the knowledge and the level of service has always been exemplary. She’s got an in-depth understanding of IT services and at a time where a new business was needed to get off the ground quickly, she expedited that by getting my website live so I could start trading immediately, which was priceless! She is enthusiastic and patient- a pleasure to work with.

Tracey D.


I have known and worked with Pauline for 12 years, she is diligent, professional and is a pleasure to have around. She is able to work her way through many problems to find the solution that works for everyone.

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